Ne entlaeshan tsa Wex'liem Sile esqapth

Acknowledging and celebrating our common thread as grandmothers of our Nations




We honor your presence
September 9th and 10th, 2005

Gathering Flyer
(PDF File)

The Lummi Nation will be hosting an

International Gathering of Grandmothers

at Wex'liem, the home of the frogs

Wex'liem Community Center

2334 Lummi View Dr., Lummi Nation (directions)

Wex'liem Community Center

2334 Lummi View Dr

Lummi Nation, Bellingham, WA

Grandmothers’ Potlatch for the Youth

In recognition of the fact that there is no cost to attend Gatherings, that watchful elders know the gifts and needs of their communities and the Coastal First Peoples’ relationship with exchange through the potlatch tradition, we introduce the Grandmothers Potlatch. A blanket will be laid and those who are called to do so may lay an item to help the youth in school or training on the blanket. It may be warm boots, hats, mittens for the winter, or books and supplies, or a fun item or toy. The Lummi Grandmothers will know how to distribute your love and offerings.

For information contact: The Grandmothers Project NW,


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Meet with us on Grandma’s ground