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...for all our grandchildren connected to each other through connection to the earth.
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  • Reconnecting Youth and Elders
  • Reconnecting People to the Earth
  • Re-Building Community

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A child needs a grandparent, anybody's grandparent, to grow a little more securely into an unfamiliar world. ~Charles and Ann Morse

No matter your community, there is concern for our youth struggling and making hard decisions to live through modern and changing times. It used to be that elders throughout the world mentored and held a safe space for the youth to grow into the next generation of our communities. But today those elders are warehoused and separated from their families and communities. Today, older people do not grow into elders. And every year more True Elders leave us.

In 2005 grandmothers from all ethnicities gathered to find their voice, to speak out and to give back. Predominantly concerns for the earth and survival of the grandchildren were acknowledged.

Returning home they continued to work to create a better world for all children, on indigenous intellectual property rights, legal recognition of people whose culture includes honoring the land, completing a peace symphony based on the 10,000 year old compassion of the First People and many small individual efforts to reduce fragmentation in communities through reconnecting youth and True Elders. SI KAZELI grew out of these efforts and private conversations with the elders.


"I told my grandson that while he was in Iraq to touch the earth with his hand every morning. Even though I'm all the way over here, when I touch the ground with my hand I will connect to him through the earth."

Pauline Hillaire, Lummi Elder, 2007

Vote 2008 ...
Read 2007 Poverty Scorecard: Rating Members of Congress found in an article from PovertyLaw.org if you are interested in poverty and knowing how your representatives voted in 2007

Just a Thought ... 21 September 2008 was UN World Peace Day. Throughout the world groups meditated and shared ideas of peace. Is there a Peacemaker's story to share in your cultural tradition? Do you have a personal story of turning toward peace?

Coming Soon ...
We wish to access the collective wisdom from families, groups, communities and cultures. Grandmothers recognize the unique gifts in each of us. Therefore this Project's work will refrain from being hierarchical. In order to assist grass roots efforts and support and encourage you in local efforts this site will be adding Social Networking tools in the near future.

Tolerance lies right next to Hate ...
"I don't want to be tolerated, " said the brown skinned woman during the Non-Profit Assistance Center workshop. "Tolerance lies right next to hate." MORE >


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